Senshi is a Japanese word for “warrior” – the perfect word to describe the world of Senshi Society where street-smart kids and high-ranking smart-ass wannabe gangster thugs rule their turfs. They love race cars, hustling and street fashion, graffiti art, and the cityscapes. Just when you think that the rude boys of the streets meeting the bossy badass chill mob brings a crazy wild ride, a gang of mutant crossbreeds hops in the scene and that’s where the real fun begins. Senshi Society.

Street Hustlers

Born on the streets. They are well-versed in the city's various nooks and crannies. Be careful, for these thugs enjoy fighting and would never give up.

Militia Squad

They've only been bred to accomplish one thing: wreak complete chaos. They are devoted to their commander in chief and will go to any length to fulfill their mission.


They have been known to bring the stock exchange to its knees. Never tamper with these folks; you can lose everything you own.

Boss Axis

They are top of the food chain, as well as the rulers of the state. They can make a person vanish with a snap of their fingers thanks to their unlimited supply of wealth and soldiers.

Mutant Gangs

All people despise them. Born with superhuman abilities beyond our imagination. They can harness it for good or evil. We'll never find out.

The Specs

Each avatar is unique and is generated from over 700+ possible traits and features. All reptiles are awesome in their own design, but some are rarer and epic than others. There are 5 factions that you can choose to represent, which one is yours?

We are using the token standard ERC-20 and housed on the Ethereum block-chain. Each Senshi Society avatars cost 0.06 ETH

Road Map

We've broken down our goals into phases

Royalty Utility

This will be a utility for all the projects

Secondary Market Royalty of 30%-35% goes back to the Community.

All projects will have a Common Community wallet that will receive 10% of the secondary market sales. This pool will be used by the community based on the decisions of the DAO

Royalties will be calculated every end of the month and deposited to the Community wallet